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Mahashivratri Images | Mahashivratri Status | Happy Mahashivratri 2021| Festivdaddy.com


Mahashivratri literally means “Night of Shiva” and is a Hindu festival popular in India. According to the Indian calendar, the festival is celebrated on the new moon of the Maagha month. This day is celebrated to commemorate Lord Shiva, an important deity in Hindu culture.
According to famous legend,after the earth is about to be destroyed, the Parvati goddess promises to save the world with Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was happy with her prayers and agreed to save the world on the pretext of the dedication and enthusiasm of the earth. From that day on, the night was called Mahashivratri, and people began to worship Shiva with great enthusiasm.Happy Mahashivratri 2021.

Mahashivratri Status | Mahashivratri Images |Happy Mahashivratri 2021

1) On The Occasion Of Mahashivratri, May Lord Shiva Bless You With Everything You Want In Life.Happy Mahashivratri.
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2) May The Glory Of God Remind You Of Your Abilities And Help You Succeed. I Wish You A Happy Mahashivratri.
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3) Lord Shiva Added His Sacred Blessings To Us And Gave Us Unity To Move Forward With Truth, Purity And Divinity. I Wish You And Your Family A Haapy Mahashivratri.
4) May All Your Wishes Come True, And God’s Blessings Will Always Be With You. Happy Maha Shivratri!
5) When Celebrating Mahashivratri, The Festival Of Sheva Spread The Message Of Honesty And Love To The World On This Day, And Shiva Landed On The Earth To Kill Evil.Happy Shivratri.

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6) Wish Shiva Shankar’s Glory To Cheer Up And Eliminate All Troubles. I Wish Everyone A Happy Maha Shivratri!
7) May Lord Shiva Guide You For Life! Best Wishes To You! Happy Mahashivratri.
8) Shivaratri Means “Auspicious Darkness”. The Devotee Must Spend The Night Of Shiva By Earnestly Shouting The Name Of Lord Shiva And Seek His Divine Blessing.Happy Mahashivratri.

9) May Lord Shiva Listen To Your Prayers And Bless You.Happy Maha Shivratri.

10) A Day When Positivity Wins Over Negativity! Har Har Mahadeva, Happy Mahashivratri.

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